Marketing Director Job Description

We are looking for a qualified Digital marketing director to take the lead in developing successful, long-term digital marketing strategies for our company.

As a Digital marketing director, you should have in-depth marketing experience and a passion for digital technologies. You will work closely with different teams to ensure consistency through all digital marketing channels. You should also provide forward-thinking ideas to build and maintain a strong company web presence.

Ultimately, you should be able to drive all digital marketing efforts to achieve our business objectives.

Marketing Director Responsibilities

  • Build our digital marketing roadmap

  • Manage all digital marketing channels (e.g. website, blogs, emails and social media) to ensure brand consistency

  • Measure ROI and KPIs and prepare budget

  • Develop specific campaigns to create and maintain high levels of customer interaction

  • Oversee our social media accounts

  • Manage and improve online content, considering SEO and Google Analytics

  • Forecast sales performance trends and act proactively to increase our market segment

  • Liaise with Product, Design and Sales directors to increase client satisfaction through cohesive strategies

  • Motivate digital marketing team to achieve goals

  • Monitor competition and provide ideas to stand out

  • Stay up-to-date with digital technology developments

Marketing Director Requirements

  • Proven work experience as a Digital marketing director

  • Demonstrable experience in designing and implementing successful digital marketing campaigns

  • Strong understanding of how all current digital marketing channels function

  • Solid knowledge of online marketing tools and best practices

  • Hands on experience with SEO/SEM, Google Analytics and CRM software

  • Familiarity with web design

  • Excellent analytical and project management skills

  • Strong team management and communication (written and verbal) skills

  • BSc degree in Marketing, Digital technologies or relevant field

How to Hire a Marketing Director

The interview process provides hiring managers and professionals the opportunity to assess the candidates for these high-achieving qualities. In addition, HR professionals can delve deep into topics related to the candidate’s education, experience, and skills.

Ask your Marketing Director candidates the following compelling interview questions to start the discussion:

  1. Which companies do you think are our biggest competitors? ...

  2. Who is our audience and what would you do to increase our customer base?

  3. What marketing software (e.g. CRM) do you use?

  4. What are the most effective SEO practices to optimize online content?

  5. What metrics do you track on a regular basis?

In the end, there are numerous Marketing Director interview questions you could ask. So don’t limit your questions to these five. Ask the candidate questions tailored to your specific business to see whether they could perform well in your company or whether or not they would be an excellent cultural fit.

Marketing Director Salary

The average salary for a Marketing Director is $105,672.

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