We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, for whom we recruit and the career seekers we place. Over the years, we’ve successfully helped businesses fill thousands of positions with top professionals who match their needs. Read what a few of them have to say.



I have had a pleasant experience working with BestLogic. The staff at the office are very professional and will take the time to work with their clients to ensure that they are satisfied. I would recommend Best Logic to anyone for staffing needs and employment needs.

I had a terrific experience with BestLogic Staffing, specifically with Adrian. Adrian was very friendly, professional, and responsive. My experience with Adrian and BestLogic Staffing quickly led to a job offer with a company in the exact industry I wanted. This position was not posted online, so if I had not interfaced with BestLogic Staffing, I never would have even been aware of this great opportunity. I highly recommend BestLogic Staffing to anyone looking for a job, as you will be exposed to more opportunities than if you search for a job on your own. I have interacted with different staffing agencies and recruiters in the past, but BestLogic Staffing and Adrian provided me the best experience by far, as they were the most responsive, friendliest and the most effective!

BestLogic Staffing is one of the most welcoming, engaging, and professional environments I've ever been a part of. In the time I have worked so far, I have always felt supported, heard and encouraged. BestLogic is a firm of strong core values and it is reflected in everything they do.

The representative Adrian I worked with was very helpful and very professional. Adrian was always very transparent, straight forward and has a great customer service attitude if you're the right person for the job and have motivation to get to work this is the group to turn to

Jennifer Lysomirski, Human Resources Generalist

Aldin was truly great to work with. He is incredibly professional and responsive to the needs of his customers and Co-workers in all departments. He is open to change and fun to work with.

Sandra Vidackovic, Vice President, Human Resources

Aldin is an incredibly smart, personable recruiter who gets you the right candidates the first time. He has been a pleasure to work with and is my "go to" recruiter for all my technical needs.

Rafal Wolanowski, Human Resources Professional /Director

I would like to communicate my satisfaction with BestLogic Staffing. The level of customer service and quality of employees has exceeded SCC expectations. Each candidate presented by the company has been fully screened and prepared to step into the position quickly, as to not disrupt our operating schedule.

BestLogic Staffing’s overall service such as : → Service and Committment → Range of Disciplines → Industry Knowledge → Online Recruiting → 24/7 Accessibility

These are the areas that SCC was looking for in a staffing vendor. Most impressive is BestLogic Staffing’s attention to customer service. When placing an order for employees, we have always received an immediate response back to discuss the timeframe required to fill the position. I look forward to working with Aldin Beslagic and the BestLogic Staffing team to fulfill our personnel needs. SCC gladly recommends BestLogic Staffing to any organization requiring staffing services.

Christine Ko, PHR, SHRM-CP, HR Business Partner, VP at BlackRock

It is not surprising that Aldin has now built his own company and is as successful as he has become. He has the unique ability to build strong/lasting relationships with clients, candidates and co-workers. Aldin is extremely reliable, customer-focused and will always go the extra mile.

Julie Mantz Russo, PHR, Director of Human Resources

I am very pleased to recommend Aldin. We have known each other since our days at Quinnipiac and over the years have had the fortunate opportunity to work together through various capacities. Aldin is extremely disciplined and determined. His ability to work efficiently speaks volumes about his strong work ethic and his current success. He consistently maintains a composed demeanor and I praise him for his honesty and trustworthiness. I know I can always count on him. He would be a huge asset to any corporation and I look forward to continuously working with him in the future.

Aldin is one of the most dedicated, hard working and passionate individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with while at Aerotek. He is not afraid to work hard and truly puts his clients, contractors and peers first. During his time at Aerotek, he proved to be a leader amongst his recruiting peers. On several occasions Aldin would take time out of his day to share best practices in order to help better those around him. Because of Aldin’s knowledge within the industry, leadership skills and ability to go above and beyond I would highly recommend him for any future opportunities.

Vasant Kudva, Vice President - Global Talent Aquisition

An absolute joy to work with, Aldin is amoung the very few professionals with an attitude of "No task too big"and always up to a challenge.A great sense of owneship combined with a zeal to do better every single time make him a rare breed of "go getters". I am truly honoured to work along side him and get rubbed off on some of the amazingly high energy levels he possess.  A true asset to any organisation he chooses to work with

Aldin is one of those rare managers who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the whole staff. With his extensive & hands-on experience, Aldin exhibits strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translate in his ability to motivate a team to care about the organization's goal and be invested in the achievement of the same. Aldin is the go-to person for conflict resolution and problem solving; he steps in to diffuse tension and induce compromising. Aldin’s positive attitude and the respect others feel toward him are palpable.

Aldin is a calm and professional manager with a keen ability to multi-task. He has reworked many of QuEST Global’s policies and procedures to run more efficiently. He has shown the ability to both act and react quickly making informed decisions based on data, intuition, and input from key stakeholders.

Taha Imam, Managing Director

Aldin is very detail-oriented, hard working, and honest person to work with. I highly recommend his work. I have worked with him directly for a while now, and have had no problems at all. He has been a great person to work with, with high professionalism, and overall active and fun personality. I would strongly reco... See more

Bill Pletikapich, Engineering General Manager at Essig Research

Aldin is always positive and professional in his approach. He is the rare talent acquisition leader that invests the time to align both the company and employee value proposition for the highest value fit.

Ali Cawley, University Account Manager at Step

I have worked alongside Aldin for the past 5 years, and he has proven to hold a wealth of knowledge from his extensive experience within the recruitment and resourcing fields. He is well networked; customer focused and leads from the front.  Aldin is focused on understanding the detailed requirements of the business and presenting the best available opportunities in allowing the team to achieve optimum results. He is a methodical and experienced manager. It has been a pleasure to work with him, understanding how he has set up the North American team and share in their successes and best practices by allowing for these processes to be transferred across, and implemented within the European region.

I had the pleasure of working with Aldin at QuEST Global Services from 2014 through 2017. For the many years I've been in HR, Aldin is one of the best recruiters I've ever worked with. Not only as an individual contributor but also as a leader of people. Aldin and his team filled hundreds of positions leveraging a global wide recruiting network. The positions needing to be filled were highly technical and therefore meant canvasing the globe to find the right people. Aldin is a very dedicated and committed individual with incredible interpersonal skills. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again as he supported me in the staffing and on-boarding processes across the North American operation of QuEST Global Services. See less

D. Scott Richards, Project/Program, Customer Support management.

Aldin Beslagic and I worked together in a number of different programs. As a Talent Acquisition Team, (TAT)Professional and leader, Aldin has always been a true professional and worked for both the acquisition team and the talent to assure the best fit for both. His professional manner and engagement would be an asset to any organization. I highly recommend that Aldin Beslagic would be a value to any operation seeking a conscientious employee with an eye to detail and a genuine knowledge of the employment landscape.

Nick Williams, Head of Electronics at Leonardo Australia

I worked with Aldin for over three years where he was responsible for our hiring across the North America organisation. Aldin works across organisational boundaries and understands that building relationships with internal stakeholders is the best way to to ensure that his internal customers get the outcomes they want... See more

Erin-Allyn Lopez, Recruiter at Companions for Living, LLC

Aldin was an amazing leader. He put everyone on his team first, and made sure the work was done, but made sure we were also comfortable in our roles. He trained me as well as he built a whole team from scratch and went above and beyond to be able to make the work run smooth and efficiently. I would work with him again in a heart beat given the chance

Aldin, is an amazing team leader and a passionate recruiter. He has been successful in cracking solutions to the toughest problems of recruitment. Aldin, is very energetic and comes with a can-do-attitude. He leads teams with a pragmatic approach. He surely is an asset to the organisation he works for! I strongly recommend him for his recruitment and leadership skills

Luis Vega, Finance Manager

Aldin is very detail oriented and produce great results. Aldin leadership skills, communication, drive, and initiative is what makes him an elite leader.

Isabella Maryanovsky, Sr. Executive Recruiter

Aldin Beslagic is a very knowledgeable and diversified Talent Acquisition Manager and I am glad that I have the pleasure to work with him. Aldin is able to understand the business strategy and define a solution to best service it and then execute that plan. Aldin has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the industry and is always happy to pass this knowledge on. He is able to lead; build relationships and I would highly recommend Aldin

Marjorie Bausmith, Business Analyst Consultant - Voice of Customer (VOC)

I was incredibly fortunate to have worked on Aldin’s team at QuEST Global from 7/2012-12/2014. When it comes to Talent Acquisition, Aldin is extremely adept at getting the big picture; he knows how to identify process problems and implement the changes needed to fix it. At the same time, he brings contagious enthusiasm and positivity, very strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to stay calm and collected under stressful situations. As a manager, Aldin has always been able to motivate the team to produce top results and help guide us to capitalize on our strengths to make ourselves be the best we can be – whether as recruiters, team members, employees, or in general. You can always count on Aldin to step up to the plate and deliver the best results possible

Jayanth Prathipati, Talent Acquisition

Working with him was a great pleasure more than an experience. Compassionate yet firm when it comes to ethics and principles. He has a great sense of humor and an incredible ability to connect with a wide cross section of people almost instantaneously. His enthusiasm for life is reflected in the work he does! His ability to bring out the best in his juniors is something which I appreciate and I wish him all success in his future endeavours!!!..

Aldin has been my boss for almost three years. In the three I have known him Aldin has done everything in his power to help his employees succeed and be the best recruiters that they can be. Aldin is able to help recruiters understand the importance of filling positions within a certain time frame and motivates his team to do so. One of the best qualities Aldin possesses is to keep a neutral ground and listen to all sides of a situation. He seeks to figure out the truth and makes sure all avenues, and rules, are followed to close out a situation.

Cara Flaherty, F135 Flight Test & RR Integration Manager

Aldin gets the job done. He is always willing to help accomplish a task and is a team player. He listens attentively and is a problem solver. He always meets the deadlines expected of him and goes above and beyond. Aldin reacts professionally and calmly when under pressure. Aldin has excellent leadership skills. It was a pleasure working for Aldin and his team. I would recommend Aldin for any role he pursued.

Syed Asad Ullah, Certified Hirist Tech Recruiter

Aldin is a proactive and highly process driven manager. His process orientation and client management capability makes him a successful manager. He is a hardworking and committed professional with positive attitude. He know how to handle the situation under challenging conditions and drive for results. I wish him all the very best in his professional and personal life.

Aldin is a Great Leader, Tons of Experience, I can keep listing the qualities and abundance of knowledge he brings to the table. He is an excellent asset to any company or corporation. His vast network can develop any company to its long term goals and standards. Perfect example of a professional in this industry!!!

Kathryn Wilson, Activation Account Director at Resolution Media

Aldin has been a fantastic help in helping me promote the company events to his Linkedin audience. He is very trustworthy and always delivers on time and always went that extra step to help with the events.