Make thousands by connecting us!

Are you ready to be a matchmaker? At BestLogic Staffing, we thrive on discovering new partnerships, and we're inviting you to play a pivotal role.

Here's how our referral program works:

As a leading full-service staffing firm in the North-East, we empower companies to swiftly expand their teams as needed. Refer a fresh client to BestLogic Staffing, and once we've successfully placed our initial temporary contractor/direct hire with them, you'll earn a generous 25% Referral Fee (of the placement fee).

But that's not all! For every subsequent successful placement with your referred client within one year, you'll continue to making the same.

Who qualifies as a referral? 

Any company that hasn't previously engaged with us, or one that hasn't been our client or prospective client in the last 365 days.

Securing your 25% referral reward is a breeze:

For inquiries or further details regarding our client referral program, feel free to email us at or dial (866) 585-8055. Join us in fostering new connections and earning rewards!