Author: Michaela Sell Published: April 2021

Working from home can have its benefits, however, it can also be difficult to make a schedule while working remotely.

Start by prioritizing the most important tasks that are due. Prioritizing the most important work can help organize your schedule from most important, to least important during your work week. Second, creating work hours will help you stay focused on the hours you are designating for yourself to work throughout the day. You know what needs to be completed during those hours, and can focus on other tasks when your work day is over. Creating a balance when scheduling your work day can help your mind focus on what needs to be completed during the work hours, and after hours.

The most important steps when creating your work schedule is grabbing a pen or pencil, and a notebook to block out what is done throughout the day. Set work hours, for example “I will work a 9-5 work day” and from there, start by creating lunch blocks, and blocks to take at least a 30 minute break. Figure out when you work best, and what you will complete during the work hours you are designating for yourself. Sticking with a consistent schedule can make your life easier, especially when you are working remotely from your house.