Drowning in Desk Clutter? Fix it with These Habits

Author: Charlie Coxon Published: July 2021

Have you noticed your workspace getting messier and messier? You’re not alone. I personally am seeing my own desk become more cluttered, no matter how many episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo I keep on in the background while working. Fortunately for you, I’ve learned how to organize my workspace without testing to see if my stapler “sparks joy”. Here’s our quick, simple guide to tidying your workspace.

Eliminate Desk Toys

Got a cheap toy collecting dust in a drawer or taking up prime real estate on your desk? Trash it. These little guys are my professional pet peeve. They’re, at their best, a distraction. At their worst? A piece of junk you got as a stocking stuffer a few years ago. It’s best to just let your Newton's Cradle go down with gravity.

Figure Out What You’re Actually Using

If you’re not actively using a certain item (in my case, an untouched assortment of colorful pens) you should probably stash them away. It’s easy to forget that something is not useful to you every day if it is not an active nuisance. Taking a few minutes to think about what you’re actually using (in my case, a keyboard and mouse) can focus your space towards productivity.

Do it Daily

Have you ever begun cleaning your home and wondered “Gosh, how did I ever let it get this messy?” The answer is simple: you let a hundred tiny messes collect into one giant mess. One lone cup on a night stand can quickly turn into a sinkful of used plates and silverware if left unattended. The solution? Take 10 minutes of each day to deal with tiny amounts of clutter. Working this into your schedule should make cleaning a habit rather than a chore, reducing the mess as well as the mental strain.

Delve into the Digital

Sometimes the biggest messes aren’t around our computers: they’re inside of them. This makes sense; as our work becomes increasingly digitized, so will our clutter. Mountains of folders and documents in inboxes have become gigabytes of PDFs and outdated applications dirtying your digital desktop. Considering how often we use our computers and how easily digital junk can accumulate, it’s best to take this step in stages. Maybe start by eliminating PDFs from 2017 on Monday and work your way through old audio files on Tuesday. By the end of the week, you’ll free up a great deal of space. Clicking “Empty Trash” has never felt quite this good.

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