What is Staffing Recruiting

Author: Halley Harrelson Published: October 2022

What to look for in candidates?

Finding the right qualities in candidates may be a challenge. Here are some qualities to look for in potential employees:

Ten qualities to look for in candidates

1. Positive attitude. Hiring candidates with a positive outlook can help create a productive working environment. Those who show enthusiasm and discuss mistakes without becoming too negative are typically more likely to go into the new job with a positive attitude.

2. Team player. Candidates that are comfortable working as a team are often the best employees. They raise the overall efficiency of the business.

3. Self-motivated. These candidates take the initiative and get work done without extensive direction.

4. Strong work ethic. Employees with a high worth ethic tend to set lofty goals for themselves and won’t stop until they achieve them. Ask the candidates when they went above and beyond for previous employers.

5. Dependable. Keeping commitments is excellent quality for an employee.

6. Detail oriented. Candidates with this quality will benefit your company later. Those who submit their resume with typos and inaccuracies are red flags.

7. Good communicator. Communication is crucial in the workplace. Therefore, good communication is a characteristic of top employees.

8. Adaptable. You’re going to want employees that can adapt to change. Those who are willing to adapt can enhance your business.

9. Confident. Candidates who meet the qualifications mentioned above tend to display confidence. Confident employees aren’t afraid to try new things.

10. Honest. Having trust in your employees is crucial. Honesty is a quality that distinguishes quality employees.