Social Media During Work Hours

Author: Halley Harrelson Published: October 2022

Social media during work hours

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms can help employees increase visibility in the community, reach more customers, and stay up to date. Many employees are avid social media users in their time. Due to this, then the distinction between professional and personal use can be foggy.

Creating a clear social media policy for employees is crucial to ensure that they use social media appropriately and limit their personal use during work hours. Gather input from your employees when creating your social media policy. Keep a positive tone and avoid using social media for disciplinary actions.

Here are some topics you should include in your social media policy:

Separate personal and professional use. Employees should be mindful of the company's reputation when posting on their behalf.

Use disclaimers. If an employee mentions the business on their social media page, they should include a release saying that their opinions and comments do not reflect the company's point of view.

Think before you post. Posts made on behalf of the company should represent the company's marketing and public relations practices.

Respect copyright. If you share links online, ensure that the content is reputable. Appropriately credit sources when necessary.

Avoid revealing personal information. Employees should limit the amount of personal information they give out online. For example, before publishing names or pictures online, employees should get permission from colleagues, clients, or business partners.

Consult with colleagues. Employees should consult with the appropriate person in the business before answering any media questions.