Smartphone Usage During Work Hours

Author: Halley Harrelson Published: October 2022

Smartphone usage during work hours?

Employees can often be distracted at work. This reduces productivity and can lead to life-threatening mishaps. In addition, employees typically use their cell phones to check their emails and social media during the workday. Managers can encourage productivity by offering flexible work schedules, break areas for cell phone usage, and quiet regions for focusing on work.

Many employees aren’t devoting all of their time in the office to doing their work. Instead, they are often distracted by their mobile devices. They spend hours each day texting, online shopping, or scrolling on social media. So, what can you do about it?

Offer flexible schedules. Flexible work schedules and remote work options can help those struggling with creating a work-life balance.

Designate spots for working. For example, establish quiet spaces in the office and offer time-management workshops. As a result, workers can be less tempted to look at their phones in a peaceful environment.

Designate spots for breaks. You can encourage them to turn off non-work-related notifications in the office so they won’t be tempted to check social media. Do not disturb may also be helpful. You can set up short break times so your staff can use their cell phones.

Use monitoring software. If your employees know you can tell when they have been sitting on the same page for too long, they may be less tempted to look at their phones.

Provide regular feedback. Establish performance plans for underperforming employees.

Encourage your employees to be productive.