Recruiting Ideas

Author:  Halley Harrelson                                                                                                                                                    Published: October 2022

Recruiting ideas

Finding unique ways to recruit new employees is essential in a booming economy and tight labor market. Therefore, it’s crucial to have recruitment ideas that set you apart from the other recruiters and staffing agencies. Here are some recruitment ideas:

•      Contact personal email addresses. Do your best to find the personal email instead of the business email of potential employees. Trying to find a candidate for a new job from their work account can be considered unprofessional.

•      Text when possible. Be careful with this option. Some people find it weird to receive a text from an unknown number. However, text may be the best communication method if done correctly.

•      Wrap your car. This one is nontraditional, but it is worth trying. Doing this can allow your vehicle to attract new candidates. Make sure you know how to do this correctly before trying it.

•      Talk to new hires during onboarding. Be sure to ask anyone you helped get hired for a list of people who can be a target for your next search. Create a template email that you can give to them to send out to their colleagues. This can help ensure a higher response rate.

•      Check your client’s Glassdoor page. This one is a little different. It won’t directly help recruitment, but indirect benefits can be significant.

•      Have your job listen on Google Jobs. Doing this requires a lot of SEO optimization, but if you can get it listed, the perfect candidates might come to you.

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