Keeping Track of Job Applications in 3 Easy Steps

Author: Christina Puleo Published: June 2022

Clicking from job board to job board, you scan through each listing like it could be the one. But once your application is submitted, how can you continue to stay organized in your search? These three easy steps can simplify the process.

  1. Preferences & Quality

This first step challenges job seekers to apply less. Instead of applying to every job they may be slightly qualified for, refining their search to best suit them.

Potential employees should truly picture themselves at that job, research the company’s values and location, and make a backup plan accordingly. If one is hoping for a specific position, that job should be at the top of their priority list.

In turn, quality positions will help manage preferences. Think about which jobs to put first and which can be backup plans, then apply that to the following step.

  1. Lists & Tables

Making a table in Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, or any preferred program is a great place to start. The most important things to include are:

  • Company Name

  • Job Position Applied For

  • Date of Application Submission

  • Hiring Manager or Job Inquiry Contact Information

Columns can be added for upcoming interviews and other important reminders regarding the position.

Don’t want to make a table? Grab a pen and paper, list out the job positions applied for, and keep that paper in a common place. That way, following up will be hard to forget.

  1. Schedule a Follow Up

This last step doesn’t just entail scheduling a meeting or phone call. It also means candidates can honor their goals and accomplishments by staying on top of their job prospects.

Either on a calendar or a table/list, pencil in the follow-up date for each position. Ideally, job seekers should follow up with a company 2 weeks after submitting their application. This allows ample time for the company to review their resume.

After this process, you’ll be happy you advocated for yourself in the best way possible: staying organized and true to yourself.