How to Source Talent

Author: Halley Harrelson Published: October 2022

How to source talent

Employees are a crucial part of any business. Talent sourcing is finding and qualifying people who would be a good fit for a company. Here is how to source talent:

1. Create the position. The first step is to create a job description. Knowing the job inside and out is crucial to the sourcing process because finding a candidate will be impossible without understanding it.

2. Create a candidate persona. Now that you have the description created, it’s time to contemplate your dream hire. A candidate persona is a written version of the best person to be hired for this position. During this step, consider locations, channels, and websites your ideal candidate frequently visits.

3. Identify the best candidates: search social media sites, job boards, and more. Look at people you didn’t interview last time; someone may stand out this time. It’s essential to collect candidates year-round.

4. Contact candidates. Now it is time to contact candidates. Create a direct and personalized message. You can create email templates, but make sure these emails are unique. Finally, send over a follow-up or two.

5. Interview and assess. This may be where a talent source ends its service. Take notes of potential hires. Pass these notes along to the recruiter.

6. Hiring and onboarding. When the decision is made, it is time to send the offer. Again, this may be the job of the company official.

7. Get feedback. This step is easily forgotten but essential. Ask the candidate how the process was for them. What could be done differently or better?