How to Onboard

Author: Halley Harrelson Published: October 2022

How to Onboard?

What is onboarding?

Onboarding gives new employees the resources they need to transition into their new role with the company. Onboarding helps new hires feel more comfortable with their new job. It also gives employers a chance to make an excellent first impression. The onboarding process sets them up for success in their unique position. It increases the chances of having job satisfaction. Usually, someone in the human resource department will go through with the onboarding process.

How to Onboard

1. Start pre-boarding. Send your employees an introductory email that contains the information they will need about their first day on the job. This can include new hire paperwork, their start date, time, location, a copy of the company handbook, their schedule for the first week or day, and more.

2. Give them a tour. This will help them get familiar with the workspace. In addition, it will make it easier for them to navigate their work environment.

3. Make introductions. Introduce them to their team while you give them the tour. This will help them make new friends at work.

4. Have them have lunch with the team and manager. This will help them get acquainted with their new work environment. In addition, it helps them get to know their team to help build a good working relationship.

5. Get them set up with their workspace. After lunch, get them set up in their workspace. This will help them get used to the new software system.

6. Schedule a follow-up. Reconnect with them after their first week to see how things are going.