How to Find Culturally Aligned Employees

Author: Christina Puleo Published: July 2022

A company’s culture defines the attitudes and behaviors expected of its employees. The way a business operates is tied to its values, so how can you find employees who align with your vision?

Negotiable vs. Non-Negotiable

It can be difficult to find a candidate that checks off every single box. To combat this, decide which attributes are non-negotiable and which ones have room for improvement.

For example, a company based on philanthropic values will desire qualities such as:

  • Inclusion & Empowerment

  • Transparency & Collaboration

These qualities are directly linked to a candidate’s experience as well, so deciding the details early on will move along the hiring process. Any minor qualities that fall outside this list can be considered negotiable:


  • Volunteer experience

  • Worked on a team / in a collaborative environment


  • Education requirements (high school diploma, associate’s degree)

  • Years of experience vs. quality experience

Be Involved

Department heads and others in leadership positions should be involved in the hiring process to ensure the company culture is adhered to. Work together to create interview questions surrounding your desired core values. This could look like:

Our Values

  • Inclusion & Empowerment


  • What or who has made the biggest impact on your life?

  • Can you tell me about your previous volunteer experience?

Remaining hands-on guarantees the best outcome for what your company is looking for.

Respect the Candidate’s Journey

Take into account the decisions that led the candidate to your job posting. They powered through education systems, they had to balance multiple responsibilities, they had to advocate for themselves.

Get to know a candidate through their struggles and their strong suits. A person’s journey is often very telling about their work ethic and what drives them. Be mindful of each interviewee and also reflect on your company.

In Conclusion

Does your company often organize fundraisers for charity? Do you regularly schedule team bonding exercises? Remember, if you’re looking for these qualities in a candidate, it’s important to be putting them into practice as well.

Transparency is key when establishing your company’s culture. Be open about what you need and expect, and allow employees to do the same. With your core values in mind, continue to build quality connections throughout your organization and watch your culture grow!