How to Conduct a Virtual Interview

Author: Halley Harrelson Published: October 2022

How to conduct a virtual interview?

Virtual interviews are the new normal. Over 5.7 million job seekers schedule virtual interviews.

Benefits of virtual interviews

Due to COVID-19, virtual interviews have grown in popularity. Since then, they have become a great way to connect with candidates quickly.

They allow you to go into more depth with candidates. Virtual interviews can help broaden your applicant pool. It can also help you better assess communication skills.

Virtual interviews allow you to accommodate schedules.

Virtual interviews can help you take better notes. Taking notes in-person can be difficult when you sit right in front of the candidate.

Virtual interviews can lead to less bias. In addition, it’s easier to be more consistent with virtual interviews.

It will save the candidate time by not having to drive to a physical location.

How to conduct a virtual interview

1. Introduce yourself and make sure your candidate is comfortable. Take a few minutes to confirm that the connection is working for the interview. Make them feel comfortable so they will better showcase their skills and knowledge.

2. Interview as you would an in-person interview. Virtual interviews tend to seem more casual than in-person interviews. However, treating these interviews just like you would an in-person interview is essential.

3. Ask your prepared questions. Again, it’s crucial to stay on track.

4. Give the candidate time to answer. It’s common for there to be a lag when using a computer to conduct an interview.

5. Discuss the company’s culture and values. A virtual interview can make it difficult for the candidate to understand the company’s culture.

6. Provide information about what the candidate can expect going forward.