Employee's First Day and Onboarding

Author: Halley Harrelson Published: October 2022

Employee's first day and onboarding process.

The first day has two main goals: setting expectations and introducing objectives. Employees require a crystal-clear idea about their job duties and responsibilities on day one. They need to get to know the job and their new co-workers. Social interaction is critical for the first day. Take your new employee out to lunch.

Employees that know what to expect about the company's culture and work environment tend to make decisions that are more aligned with the company's practices. Make sure roles and responsibilities are made clear to the entire team. Sometimes existing team members may feel threatened by a new employee, so clarifying the position is crucial.

Onboarding process

Compliance – this involves learning the basic rules and policies of the company. There may be paperwork to fill out during this step.

Clarification ensures that the new employee understands their role and responsibilities. This can be an excellent time to explain upcoming projects they will be a part of.

Culture – this step explains the norms for the business. Give the new employee a tour of the facilities, explain how things work, and how the new employee fits within and will impact the company's bigger picture.

Connection – this is a critical step. This is where the new employee develops relationships with the other business employees. This will help them feel like they are part of a team. Introduce them to as many co-workers as possible.